HDLS  Listserv

HDLS uses an electronic listserv to notify its members upcoming events, student notices from the faculty and admin, and other Linguini related news. Any graduate student can join the listserv to send and receive messages.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the listserv, follow these instructions:

  1. From your email account, send a message to listserv@list.unm.edu
  2. Leave all subject fields blank
  3. In the message space, type: subscribe linggrads-l <your first name><your last name>   (John Doe would type: subscribe linggrads-l John Doe)
    To unsubscribe, simply type: unsubscribe linggrads-l <your first name><your last name>
  4. You should receive a reply notifying you of your successful subscription to the listserv and how to unsubscribe

Or you can sign-up for the listserv or change your preferences by emailing HDLS here

To send to the Linggrads Listserv:

To send an email to everyone on the Linggrads Listserv simply address your email to linggrads-l at unm.edu. You must be a member to send.

To reply to an individual:

Because all postings come from “linggrads-l,” using the reply function on your email account will post your reply to the entire list. To email an individual, we suggest hitting forward, then copying and pasting the sender’s email address into your new message.

The email address of the person who posted is available in the message. If you look at the “from” field, it will say posted “on behalf” with the sender’s name and address following.

If you have problems or further questions, please contact HDLS (Telephone/TTY: (505) 277-6353) or hdls at unm.edu or CIRT's Help Desk (505) 277-4848 or hdesk at unm.edu).