Infomation for presenters at HDLS 12

Please read the following important information regarding policies and tips for giving a successful oral or poster presentation.

Oral   Presentations

  • Your allotted time slot includes your talk and time for questions from the audience. Please plan your talk accordingly. Each time slot is 30 minutes, thereby allowing for a 20-minute presentation and a 10-minute Q and A.
  • We strongly recommend that you bring your own laptop for your presentation since transferring files to and from other computers can sometimes have adverse effects on the files. However, if you are unable to use your own laptop, please let us know in advance what kind of equipment you will need.
  • Please be sure that you know how to connect your computer to a projector. Additionally, make sure that you bring any attachments/adapters/converters that you may need in order to successful connect to a projector.
  • You may wish to provide a handout. If you do, please prepare about 30.
  • If you intend to make handouts, please be aware that we will not be able to print them for you. (See below for information on where to print.)


  • Panels will feature three speakers and take a total of 90 minutes.
  • While we originally suggested that panels be divided into three 20-minute talks and 30 minutes of discussion, the exact division of labor is ultimately up to the speakers, as long as the total allotted time of 90 minutes is not exceeded. That is, an arrangement of three 25-minutes talks plus 15 minutes of discussion, for example, is also possible.
  • Please do allow for at least 15 minutes of discussion after the panel presentation.

    Poster Presentations

    • Posters should maximally be 3x4 feet
    • You can print at the UNM Copy Shop on campus, but they usually require at least 2 days for the printing of a poster.
    • Of course, there are several printing stores near campus. you are more than welcome to find another source of printing (FedEx for example).
    • You may wish to provide reduced-size copies of your poster as a handout. Please prepare about 30 handouts.
    • Some useful suggestions for preparing conference posters can be found here and here.

    Stay tunned for upcoming information about the schedule of the Poster session.

    • Date: Saturday November 12, 3:30-5:00pm
    • Location: Lobo A & B

    Still have questions?   Email us at hdls at