HDLS -11 

Proceedings  of  the 11th High  Desert Linguistics  Society  Conference


Vol .  11  (2016)

ISSN: 2470-9611

Edited by:
Aubrey Healey (Editor-in-Chief)
Ricardo Napoleão de Souza
Pavlína Pešková
Moses Allen

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Individual papers

Clisis and opportunity,
Or: How I learned to stop worrying about clitic definitions and love the distributional phenomena

      Christopher C. Adam and Aaron W. Marks

Code-switching on Facebook: Structural constraints
       Mutasim Al-Deaibes

Associative iconicity: Sound effects in English speech
      Benjamin Anible

Phonetic annotation of signed languages as a tool in cognitive linguistics
      Amelia Becker

Y si hablabas en español, la mestra te pegaba
– An oral history of linguistic repression in Nuevo México after statehood

       Len Beké

Code-switching as a resource for identity construction:
The case of three Indian YouTube comedians

      Claire Harter

Falling into the realization over time: A diachronic study of caer en la cuenta
      Aubrey Healey

A typological rarity: The grammaticalization of Garifuna auxiliary verbs
      Kevin Hughes

Independent of change or constitutive of change:
Event construal of unstable recipient role in prototypical ditransitive events

      Katsunobu Izutsu and Yuki-Shige Tamura

Japanese particle Wa and other particles: A multiplicity
      Yoshimitsu Khan

The great ASL compound hoax
      Ryan Lepic

Exploring Conflict and Violence in ESOL Writing
      Laura E. Mendoza

Synchronic evidence of grammaticalization and lexicalization processes in Czech aspectual prefixes
      Pavlína Pešková

How similar are Dene languages?
      Conor Snoek and Michaela Stang

Grammatical constructions, frame structure, and metonymy:
Their contributions to metaphor computation

      Elise Stickles, Oana David and Eve Sweetser

Revitalisation of indigenous languages in the Canadian school system:
An analysis of some strategies and approaches

      Alain Flaubert Takam

The role of sensory relevance in the ordering of adjectives
      Joan Esse Wilson

The influence of language transfer and L2 proficiency
on the acquisition of argument structure constructions: An ERP study

      Weihua Xu