HDLS  10  

Proceedings  of  the  High  Desert Linguistics  Society  Conference


Vol .  10  (2014)

ISSN: 2330-6076
Edited by: Benjamin Anible, Keiko Beers, Laura Hirrel, Deborah Wager

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Table of contents

Voicing and the asymmetry in fricative loan adaptations
      Christopher C. Adam and Aaron W. Marks

Easier said than done: Metaphor interpretation between English and American Sign

       Benjamin Anible

What’s happening with HAPPEN? The grammaticalization of HAPPEN in American
Sign Language

      Benjamin Anible and Corrine Occhino-Kehoe

Describing reduplication patterns in Tohono O’odham with language learners in mind
      Keiko Beers, Robert Cruz, Laura Hirrel, Iphigenia Kerfoot

Prefabs and priming in second-person address in New Mexico and Southern Colorado
       Aubrey Healey

Two speech communities in Puerto Rico: An ethnographic study about social class
and children learning English in public and private schools of the island.

      Jannette Hermina

Analyzing prefabricated language in local advertisements
      Karol Ibarra-Zetter and Anni Leming

A radial category profiling analysis of North Sámi ambipositions
      Laura A. Janda, Lene Antonsen, Berit Anne Bals Baal

The emergence of syllable structure?
Data from gradient vowel reduction in Brazilian Portuguese

      Ricardo Napoleão de Souza

The revival of Añunnükü or Paraujano language
      Andrés Mauricio Sabogal

Blackfoot demonstratives in narrative discourse: A pragmatic analysis
      S. Scott Schupbach

Determining prefab status in New Mexican Spanish, the case of decir
      Víctor A. Valdivia-Ruiz

Repairing the common ground in a joint ASL narrative: A mental space approach
      Deborah Wager