What to do in Albuquerque

There is a lot to do and see in Albuquerque. Check out the following sites for some good ideas of how to spend your free time here in The Land of Enchantment:


  • There are lots of good places to eat around the University. Check out the Nob Hill district, on Central Avenue just east of UNM, for a lot of cool restaurants and bars.
  • The Student Union Building (within which the conference is located) has a lot of fast-food restaurants on the second floor and a mini-mart on the first floor.
  • For a quick lunch at a one of the most popular restaurants in town, head to Frontier Restaurant, located just across the street on Central from UNM. Make sure to try some of their green chili!
  • Flying Star/Staellite Café has a variety of hot and iced beverages, as well as luch options and snacks that can help you get by during the confernce. There are Locations in the Student Uninon Building, in the Bookstore, across Central in front of UNM, and in Nobhill.
  • There are also many other places to eat right along Central Avenue, just across from campus.


  • The Nob Hill district has a lot of interesting local shops, all withinº walking distance of UNM.
  • Downtown has a lot of fun nightlife.
  • Check out the ABQ Convention and Visitor's Bureau for information about the fun museums, zoo, aquarium, and other cool places to visit.

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